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United States
†Biological Name†</font>
Olisha Kumamoto

†Marital Name†</font>

Olisha Dokutsu


Styx, Lish, Lisha, Ollie, Oli, Mummistress only Tsujin can call her this.


Atarutai, Man-Eater, Man Eating Shinobi, Crystal Angel, Bitch Kage, Shodai Angurakage.










†Relationship Status†


†to Whom†

†Relationship Since†
Taken = N/A
Engaged= N/A
Married = N/A


Kurayami Dokutsu(Reanimated.)- Son,  
Karu Dokutsu(dead)- Daughter,
Sukoshi Fenikkusu(dead)- Son, Fukkatsu Fenikkusu(dead)- Son.


Anguragakure no Sato,

Crystal Release


she is emotionless. she cares very much for her friends and sometimes too much. she curses often and she can be very rude.


Being Alone, Fighting, Blood shed, Night, Sharping her weapons, family,  Killing, Killing, Killing and more Killing.


Hero, Being bugged, formal clothes, being touched, PDA, wanna be bad-asses, losing, spicy food, Princess, Priestesses, Queens, Most females.

* Ninja Record *





Shodai Angurakage, Hunter nin(Former)


Tokubetsu Team(Alive)


Hunter-Nin(Alive), Shi Guntai(Her Army)

†Fighting Style†</font>

she stays back and analyze the situation before attacking or jumping in.


Kunai, Wire, Exploding Tags, Flamethrower, Tanto, Smoke Bomb, Poison,  Nunchaku, Chakra Blades.


Jutsu *


†Clone Technique

†Change of Body Stance Technique

†Transformation Technique

†Cloak of Invisibility

†Rope Escape Technique


Dead Soul Technique

Summoning: Lightning Blade Creation

Hiding with Camouflage Technique

Crystal Armour

Crystal Release: Crimson Fruit

Crystal Release: Crystal Encampment Wall

Crystal Release: Crystal Imprisonment Wave

Crystal Release: Crystal Lance

Crystal Release: Crystal Needles

Crystal Release: Crystal Pentagonal

Crystal Release: Crystal Wheel

Crystal Release: Growing Crystal Thorns

Crystal Release: Jade Crystal Blade

Crystal Release: Jade Crystal Hexagonal Pillars

Crystal Release: Jade Crystal Labyrinth Technique

Crystal Release: Jade Crystal Mirror

Crystal Release: Jade Crystal Prison Technique

Crystal Release: Jade Crystal Wall Eighth Formation

Crystal Release: Shuriken Wild Dance

Crystal Release: String of Glory

Crystal Release: Tearing Crystal Falling Dragon

Crystal Release: The Gods' Crossings Technique

Crystal: Giant Hexagonal Shuriken

Crystal: Hexagonal Shuriken

Crystal: Hexagonal Shuriken: Wild Dance


Exploding Dragon Strike

Chakra Draining Seal


Living Wall Fist: Style Zero

Limitless Speed


Flying Sparrow

Fury Swallow

Dance of the Crescent Moon

Crystal Release: Jade Crystal Blade


Genjutsu Binding

Flower Ninja Art: Maximum Cutting

Mental Barricades

Mist Servant Technique


Summoning: Impure World Resurrection

* Stats *








†Hand Signs†</font>3.1

the family

they does matter



Kurayami Dokutsu(dead by owner)

Karu Dokutsu(dead by owner)

Fukkatsu Fenikkusu(Dead by owner)

Sukoshi Fenikkusu




Molisha Dokutsu(Dead)

Eris Shinabiru(dead)

Great Grand-Children;

Hitokiri Dokutsu

Ashok Kazahana-Dokutsu(dead)

Yukiko Shinabiru(Dead)

Alok Kazahana-Dokutsu(Dead)


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